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All our programs are being offered online during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Music for Young Children is still the same high-quality program loved by thousands of parents and children — now being offered from the comfort, safety, and convenience of your own home!

During each class, your child will continue to progress and develop their musical skills. Each class is an active music-making experience for children and their parents. Classes are live and interactive, with individual feedback and affirmation for each child.

Our online students love how home and music class mix. We use all kinds of props to help with fun and learning. For example:

All you need is a device which supports Zoom, and a solid Internet connection.

Read what other parents have to say about online MYC classes...

I think your online classes are quite amazing! I can only imagine the challenge of not having everyone in the room, and trying to manage the dynamics of a full class through a small glimpse of each child/parent. You make it look so easy and seamless when I am sure it is not!

I think Z is doing well with the format. N is adjusting too but given his age it is easier to get distracted. We look forward to it every week! And we are even more appreciative of the classes now as Z is definitely missing teacher-led interactions.

We have implemented ice-cream rewards tactic and it seems to be working well (for all of us :)

Hope you have a wonderful week! Thank you again for your wonderful classes and approach to teaching music!

~ ZD (Sunrise & Sunbeams 1 Parent)

We were very happy with the in person classes, and I must say A is just as much enjoying the zoom classes (although she's missing the stickers)!

A really enjoys being engaged, so the scavenger hunt from last class, or specific questions that can be answered by students, I guess slightly more one on one (as best you can do that in a Zoom setting), I find she really likes. She really gets excited when it's her turn to do something.

...thank you again for all the hard work and adjustments, the classes are fun, and although we miss seeing everyone it really is the highlight for A's week.

~ BS (Sunshine 1 Parent)

Other than a few internet glitches here and there (I upgraded internet for work too and it's not so bad now) the kids are LOVING piano class. It is the only remaining "routine" and is really helping.

Luckily I have a ton of stickers and we have a little treasure chest with seasonal toys (stuff I would have given them anyway), temp tattoos, etc that really keeps them motivated.

They really like bringing their "Home" into class - the stuffed animals, toys, their own instruments, the seeking an object that begins with a letter game, etc. They always ask what they get to bring this week!

~ JH (Sunshine 1 & Sunbeams 2 Parent)
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