Elizabeth Sutherland, ARCT, RMT, MYCC

My Experience

My students have ranged from high achievers (who won medals and awards) to children with mild learning challenges. My goal is to tailor lessons so that they are just right for each student. I encourage students to work hard and do their very best, but I do not expect each student to progress in the same way or to fit into the same mold.

My Goals

My Qualifications

About Me

I was born in Nova Scotia, and grew up in a homeschooling family of six children. I was the first piano teacher for three of my younger siblings! Now I live with my husband and our three children. My husband also plays the piano, and our two older children are taking Music for Young Children lessons. When I'm not teaching or making music, you will often find me reading, cooking, going for walks, or spending time with my family.

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