Student Testimonials

"At first some songs can be challenging, but my teacher Elizabeth makes the difficult parts fun. ~ MYC Graduate (age 9, Grade 3 piano)

"My music teacher, Elizabeth, is amazing. She has provided me with some great opportunities." ~ MYC Graduate (age 11, Grade 2 piano)

"...Practising is fun because I get stickers in the back of my book if I do 5 or 6 days. I like transposing songs to different keys than they were written. I like playing C#+ a lot (or Db+). Compositions are fun to make up and the one I wrote this year sounds like a train." ~ MYC Student (age 8)

"I like MYC because you get to learn new songs and sing funny songs...I like Elizabeth because she spends her extra spare time in music class helping me understand my music homework. I also like Elizabeth because she is a nice music teacher and helpful too." ~ MYC Student (age 8)

Parent Testimonials

"I have been meaning to send you a quick note to comment that I have been so happy with watching the boys' growth since the start of the year. Evan has commented how much he enjoys piano, and my husband and I are so impressed with their learning. In Mass, when they open a hymnal they are thrilled to realize that they understand and recognize notes and can tap out the beat. They are eager to see what note we will learn next each week and Evan has begun to ask very intuitive questions about why when Mom or Dad plays the piano he doesn’t see pictures of critters and firemen on our music. Thanks very much for helping to guide this learning." ~ Stephanie, Sunbeams 1 Parent, October 2017

"My son was almost 4 when he took his first MYC class with Elizabeth. At the time we didn't realize what a special teacher we had. He completed the Sunshine 1 class with her and then we found out she was getting married and moving to Ontario. My son is now almost 7 and in the last level of MYC. I can't say enough about how Elizabeth gave him a really great introduction to music. She is kind, fair, just the right amount of strict to keep her class in order and truly cares about her students. We only wish we could have had her as a teacher for all of the MYC classes." ~ Chantal, October 2016

"A wonderful teacher, especially for young children. Highly recommended — both of our kids had multiple years under Elizabeth's instruction and were well-prepared for later musical ventures." ~ Bob, October 2016

"Hi Elizabeth, as you know, you are our first ever music teacher, but you have quickly and effortlessly become the star of our family. Yesterday afternoon, I had to pretend to be you while Jana played her instruments. (Jana said, "You 'tend to be Miss Lizbeth.") She told anyone that would listen how to properly hold the sticks and bells and actually would like a set of bells for Christmas. The boys can't stop talking about you... We aren't going to have a keyboard until we move at the end of the month, so Matthew has made plans to visit our musically-motivated friends so he can have his practice time. It is so neat to watch my children really enjoy something — since they are homeschooled, receiving instruction from someone other than me is fabulous. I would highly recommend you to any interested families if they are looking for early music instruction for their children. Thank you for blessing my children." ~ Tricia Peachey, September 2006

"My daughter Bailee has been in MYC since... the age of 4. Having no experience with any form [of music] myself, I was a bit intimidated with the idea of piano lessons. I quickly realized that MYC was going to be a right fit. The way in which piano is [taught], through the use of animals, puppetry, movement, and visuals, made learning not only fun, but easy and natural. The instructor (Elizabeth) made a point of pushing them to their full potential and ability. She provided extra time to prepare for music festivals and recitals. Bailee also looks up to Elizabeth as a role model, not only for her music ability, but as a volunteer who makes it a commitment to share music with seniors living in nursing homes. Beyond MYC our future in music will continue with Elizabeth." ~ Kim, May 2011

"She is absolutely loving the class. Thanks for what you do." ~ Carla Janes, November 2010

"You were a godsend." ~ Parent of a private student, May 2013

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